Vaya Medical – a step towards quality

Who we are?

We are a distributor of the highest quality medical products. We are cooperating with manufacturers from all over the world (mainly Germany, USA, Taiwan) who are able to provide products that meet high standards for medical products imposed by the legal regulations of highly developed states.

What do we do?

We deliver medical products to pharmacies and medical stores throughout Poland. We offer the highest level of service.

Orthopedic products

Products for bunions, flat feet, corns. Shoe insoles for diabetic disorders. Gel and leather insoles.

Wound care products

A wide range of medical products for wound care, pressure or the absorption of exudates.

Protective products

Certified, specialized protective gloves, masks, gowns and covers.


Products that facilitate everyday functioning in all conditions, without unpleasant surprises!

Cold-hot therapy products

Gel compresses for thermotherapy are an ideal option for use at home.

Other products

Creams, cosmetics and accessories for foot care and many other medical products.


We invite manufacturers and distributors of medical devices to work with us. If you are looking for an effective distributor of medical products in Poland – contact us:

Vaya Sp. z o.o. Sp. K.

Company registration address
ul. Stołeczna 88
05-074 Józefin

Trade Office and Logistics
ul. Olszowa 33
05-074 Halinów
woj. mazowieckie

tel. 791 074 119 tel. (22) 727 14 23


Bank account number:
12 1750 0009 0000 0000 2218 7465

NIP: 1132863997
REGON: 146575747
KRS: 0000454032